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CIMB Classic 2017

We recently hopped on a caddy for a weekend of fun filled activities at CIMB Classic 2017; a golf tournament that showcased multiple activities to keep everyone entertained, even the kids!

While the international class tournament was held, guests who came helped themselves to a ‘Creativy-TEE’ wall featuring colourful golf tees for one to showcase their artistic skills. A hit for the 4-days event at TPC KL was definitely the limited edition customised CIMB tote bags with specially designed patches & embroidery when one succeeds in the CIMB Classic 2017 crossword puzzle on a touch screen.

Also, what’s a golf event without a putting green to get people to try their luck in getting a ‘hole in one’. Even the kids participated! And the carrot was a chance to spin at the Gashapon machine, that was also customised for this event, dispensing various coloured golf balls that correspond with the respective fun surprise gifts.

Don’t mind us as we celebrate yet another successful event.

And this, was done in just two weeks!


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